Kedutaan Besar Kerajaan Belanda Jakarta, Indonesia


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1 Photo reportage Visit PM Mark Rutte to Indonesia

From 20 to 22 November 2013, Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid an official visit to Indonesia. He was be joined by Lilianne Ploumen (Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) and Sharon Dijksma (Minister for Agriculture). They were accompanied by Bernard Wientjes (chair of employers’ organisation VNO-NCW) and a trade delegation of 15 Dutch CEOs and representatives of more than 100 Dutch companies.

2 NFP II Tailor-Made Training programme

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) promote capacity building by providing training and education for professionals. The NFP II is initiated and fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation. Nuffic is responsible for the management of the NFP.

3 Waktu lebih lama untuk proses pengurusan dokumen perjalanan pada Januari 2014

Para pemohon untuk pengurusan pembuatan paspor dan kartu identitas Belanda pada 3 minggu pertama di bulan Januari perlu perhatikan bahwa waktu untuk proses pengurusan ini akan memakan waktu yang lebih lama dari biasanya serta kemungkinan untuk membuat janji juga akan dibatasi.

4 Great respect and deep sympathy on the passing of Nelson Mandela

'There are no words for this moment; we can only look back with gratitude,' said Prime Minister Mark Rutte on hearing the news that Nelson Mandela has died.

5 International Human Rights Day 2013

Each year, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia organizes an event in light of International Human Rights Day that features prominent individuals in the field of human rights.

6 Pengadilan Internasional

Pada Selasa malam, 3 Desember, Presiden Pengadilan Kriminal Internasional dan perwakilan dari Mahkamah Internasional, PengadilanTetap Arbitrase dan Konferensi Den Haag Hukum Perdata Internasional akan berpartisipasi dalam diskusi panel tentang Piagam ASEAN tentang Hak Asasi Manusia di Erasmus Huis.

7 Ombudsman Nasional Belanda

Pada hari Kamis tanggal 28 Nopember, Bapak Brenninkmeijer akan memberikan kuliah umum pada jam 09.30 pagi di Aula Erasmus Huis dengan judul 'Effective ombudsmanship in the Netherlands.

8 Signing of Palm Oil Agreement

On Friday 22 November during the visit of Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, Minister Ploumen and Minister Dijksma a palm oil agreement was signed to accelerate Indonesian traceable and sustainable palm oil production.


40 Indonesian small and medium-sized exporters are about to embark on a four year export development programme aimed at an increase in the export of value-added produce from the Indonesian food ingredients and the home decoration sectors. The companies represent the huge diversity and potential of Indonesia’s offer for the international high-end markets, with products ranging from specialty coffees and health and wellness products to high-end rattan and wood products for the home decoration market.

10 Partnership Indonesia-Netherlands on Coastal Development for Greater Jakarta

Pada 21 November 2013, Perdana Menteri Rutte, Menteri Ploumen dan Wakil Menteri Dijksma ikut dalam Pertemuan Tingkat Tinggi “Partnership Indonesia – Netherlands on Coastal Development for Greater Jakarta”. Delegasi Belanda berbicara dengan para perwakilan dari pemerintah kota DKI Jakarta dan pemerintah Indonesia tentang kerja sama di masa mendatang antara sektor air Belanda dan Indonesia berkaitan dengan pengembangan pesisir dan pelabuhan di Jakarta.